Cyber Liability Insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance

61% of all hacks are directed at small businesses. Customers can protect themselves from malicious actors.

What is cyber liability insurance?

When a small business gets hacked, it’s typically because of human error–an employee opens or clicks on a phishing email, money is accidentally sent to a wrong (fraudulent) account, or someone loses a laptop of phone.

When this happens, not only is there a financial loss, there’s also data loss. Loss of business data, loss of employee data, or worse yet—the loss of confidential customer data. Three out of five small businesses fold within six months of a data breach.

The threat to small business is real!

Cyber liability insurance (also known as data breach insurance) protects from the consequences of a breach. In the event of a breach and a claim, a SWAT team of experts handles the situation to help a business get back on track as quickly as possible.

Who should consider cyber liability insurance?

No business is “too small to be hacked.

Many businesses aren’t sure they really need cyber liability insurance, thinking “who would want to hack into MY business? I’m too small to be targeted.”

Data show that more than half of all cyber attacks target small businesses precisely because they lack protection. Think about this:

Just like larger companies, small businesses handle credit card information, tax records, personally identifying information such as customer addresses and phone numbers, sensitive proprietary data for their employees and clients. There’s a good chance most small businesses need cyber liability insurance.


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